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Well I'm trying to do work on DA andI really like this idea I got from Konako so I figure I'll try it out too. First 3 people to reply to this can get a sketch. Quality is questionable but I will try my best seeing as this is my first time doing this (heck it's free people).
Please attatch the picture references needed especially for original character. I won't accept written descriptions without any accompanying text.

Good luck and hope to get some replies,
Duy Nguyen

EDIT: Sorry but 3 the sketches went quickly. The recipients are:

1. Vashperado - Older Sakura
2. Konako -TBA
3. The-White-Devil -TBA
Yo if you haven't heard, I've joined up with some of my good friends [Qiqo] and [Konako] on their new [Sketchblog]

If you haven't clicked the link already click [here] to check out what we hope to be our daily sketches. Feel free to comment! Enjoy!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Every year gets better and better!
4 weeks of Doom consists of:

-30-40 scene storyboard presentation on large Disney panels
-Stupid character design and poses of inanimate object (got any ideas?
-around 10-16 seconds of animation that I HAVEN'T started including lip sync and physical interaction between characters
-5 cleaned layouts, including a 5 field pan
-cleaned, coloured, multiplaned, run cycle complete with painted bg and fg element and edited on computer *note: I hate cycles*
-100 "GOOD" hand drawings as well as a full sketch book from life
-God knows what else...

yeah... I'm gonna die... or do shitty work... or die face first into my shitty work... or fail... or do shitty work and then fail... or do shitty work, fail and then die... maybe I'm just being pessimistic though... Nah.

Animation... your love for it must be unrequieted... for it hates you... most of the time... mua ha ha.... MUA HA HA!!!!

Wow. Haven't posted in ages but after seeing "The Incredibles" myself (and all of my friends) are fired up to animate once again. This movie had me giggling like a boy with a $100 bill. Seriously, this movie is another reason why every would die to work at Pixar. Hell I'm planning on perfecting my coffee making skills just so I can maybe one day serve coffee @ Pixar. LOL ok maybe not that pathetic but close. Hopefully Pixar will hire me and my friends when we graduate... just in time for their inevitable next picture... *drumroll*...

2 INCREDIBLE! or INCREDIBLE2 That'd be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WICKED!  
Wow summer smoked right on by. This has been a great summer and I've achieved everything I had in mind with the exception of making any cold, hard cash. It sure has been a summer filled with spending, but it was well worth it. After this lazy Labour Day weekend it's right back into school starting with (what I feel will be my 2 favorite classes this semester/year) Life Drawing and Acting. Life drawing is gonna be so hardcore and I hope Werner really helps us become better artists this semester. Acting is gonna be the exact opposite I think... well it's gonna be hardcore no doubt... but like a "who-can-be-a-bigger-jackass" kind of hardcore.

I've been looking online lately at a lot of different international artists. Wow there just seems to be no limits to the number or awesome artists out there. I'm still inspired by Alan Tew ( and his unique style and his unreal poses. That guy really knows his anatomy and you can just tell he does a lot of life drawing by the work he does.

Anyways, I guess I never really posted a lot of work on this site since summer started like I promised but don't worry I've been drawing and keeping my creative mind busy. Soon when there is something even worthy of the SCRAPS I'll post it.
Gosh I'm tired. After a long (yet enjoyable) 5 day camping trip with some great friends followed by a non-stop weekend of anime/comic book artistry madness, I can finally rest. Well I don't really feel like resting for long because I know I need to draw MORE. Wait I don't need to as much as I WANT TO. I met a lot of great artists this weekend and I think it's the kick in the butt I needed just before school starts. Anyways, I hate ranting so I'll stop. Keep drawing and loving what you do (who am I saying this to?).
Well I'm home now. I miss my siblings and relatives in California but it's time to get back to work. I think I got bit by a spider or something on my right foot cause it's swollen in one spot and damn it stings. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. Anyways, my trip to the west coast was a blast and I couldn't have had a better time. Expect more artwork soon.
I'm off to California everyone. I guess you'll never see a lot of artwork from me. Hopefully the sunshine will get me outdoors but keep me drawing. A change of scene should be good for that. I haven't even left yet but I miss everyone that I've enjoyed my summer with thus far; you've made this summer fantastic and I hope it never ends.

I am quite excited to see my little bro, my big sis and my mom though. It's been ages. I mean it's kinda weird when you spend almost 20 years of your life surrounded by these people and then you all go your seperate ways in an instant. I really did take everyone for granted. I'll try not to let that happen so much.

Anyways, no one really reads this and those that do probably don't care or understand this jibber-jabber of mine. Whatever it's my journal. Take care of yourselves and each other.

--enjoi life--
Hi everyone. Just posted some Fanart of Naruto I did for Anime North 2004. I also posted some cafe drawings I did during my first year of animation. -enjoi-
This summer is turning out to be a little dry, no job and no play have left me a dull boy. I can't even seem to muster up the energy to even draw something quite well. I think I am going to do some cafe drawing to fix this problem. Oh and maybe doing some fanarts for a convention I'm going to in a couple of weeks. Everyone have a great summer! --enjoi--
Wow school is really over. Relieved yet slightly saddened at the same time. So much free time now, but I have to stay on the ball. Work, Exercise, hang out with my girlfriend and actually DRAW for myself. I hope to post a lot more work over this summer so keep an eye out for me ((*~*))
Man I'm slippin'. I really gotta pick up on my animation projects or this is all over. Ah gotta keyframe and inbetween like mad. Only like a month left... I'll update more when school is over.
Man I hate to say this but I miss school. It's my safe haven from doing anything that isn't fun. Not that I want to be flooded with assignments that will keep me up all hours of the night like a zombie but I'd prefer that right now more than working for free for family. I dunno what it is but I've been so lonely lately. And my drawings have been looking like crap. I can't imagine anything to draw as of late. Argg... artist block!
Christmas has got me in a bind. It was all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere... then I realized shopping was to be done which is an almost impossible task without money. Some friends told me to draw picture but I think I'll just get a punch in the face for that. Can I give belated Christmas presents? Sure right? I mean if I don't see them until I give the presents they'll never know that I didn't buy it after Christmas. Well I guess that kinda defeats the purpose of the "commercial" Christmas. (Inner Duy: DAMN YOU COCA-COLA!) Maybe I'll just manwhore myself out to all my lady friends as a gift (pretty shitty gift and it also leaves me still having to buy for family and guy friends). I swear if a bag of gold were to fall into my lap I'd use it to pay debts and buy gifts for everyone. Anyways, to any that are reading this and didn't receive a gift from me... 2 things... 1) I'M POOR! 2) You're still my friend. Hahaha. Anyways to one and all, have a very Merry Christmas
Arg... storyboarding + procrastination + end of semester = fruckin' tired artist...
I am procrastinator king! Work is piling up and so my deadlines linger.... wish me luck...
Wow hello myself or anyone if they can somehow read this. Considering I don't have a website I guess this will be just as good for now. -Enjoi-